Heart of Starkness – Eightfold Path & Apocrypha (Zen & Mojo)





For the past month or so, I’ve been at work behind the scenes (or under the hood) here at Stark After Dark – drafting next month’s posts in advance and revamping the blog. So for the next fortnight, I’ll review the changed blog format as well as preview upcoming features.


One of the biggest changes is that I’ve revised my Heart of Starkness from posts to pages. It consists of my personal playful pagan mythology and poetic musings, my eightfold path and apocrypha. As such, it does not consist of regular feature articles or lists and is more amenable to a fixed page format. Essentially, it’s my poetic journal.


In addition, it follows a certain structure suitable to the fixed page format. My eightfold path follows my  poetic musings of myth and mystery, collated under my eight playful mantra (my respectful pagan play on the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism). My apocrypha is for more random acts of poetry – my visions and voices – although they tend to revolve around recurring themes and which I collate into separate pages or ‘books’.


Of course, that has involved the task of cutting and pasting from the original posts into the new pages – and reposting in new posts to publicize the pages. Hopefully new readers have enjoyed them for the first time while older readers have not minded the repetition. As for the original posts, rather than delete them and leave gaps in my published archives, I’ve shuffled them into my Stark Naked section, under their categories and tags of Eightfold Path and Apocrypha. This is also where I’ll post new or additional entries to their pages.


As for new entries, I’ll be adding a new feature for zen and mojo – in which I’ll collate musings and quotations on my way to live in this world, the way of zen and mojo. Essentially, it’s a balance or harmony between, you guessed it, zen and mojo. Zen is my playful term for emotional self-control, borrowed from Zen Buddhism itself – keeping your peace, calm and silence. Keeping your zen, as it were. For if you can’t control your own emotions, what else can you control, living life torn between impulse and circumstance? Mojo is – well, it’s mojo, baby! Mojo is my term for passion and confidence, borrowed from the word for magical power – living your dream, dance and song.

Revelation X: Staccato Musings on Hangover Days






Sometimes you drink the bottle

and sometimes the bottle drinks you…

I eased out of the bed’s sweaty caress

into the shower’s hot kiss –

the water licked me back to life


they fled like morning dreams

from a night full of nicotine tics

and the swollen desire of alcohol


where the windows sweat and the doors sigh

where the taps bled and the toilets vomited