Eightfold Path (Goddess) – She is the Goddess





She is the goddess –

angel, muse and nymph


She is L.A. Woman –

queen of the highway

Lady Luck and Girl Friday

Mystery Babylon and Woman Clothed in the Sun


She is lila –

woman of tantra

dance and passion

alpha and allelujah


She is Aphrodite Venus –

Isis and Ishtar

Kali Devi Shakti


She is high priestess and empress –

love and fortune

star and world dancer


O yes


Eightfold Path (Heart of the World) – Underworld 2





I believe in the underworld –

the world as hell, fall and adversary


I have harrowed my hell –

my abyss

my inferno and pandemonium

my limbo and purgatory

my Lethe and Styx


I have felt my fall –

my bondage and exile

my cross and sword


I have fought my adversary –

my serpent and beast

my leviathan and behemoth

my Moloch and Mammon

my Legion and Wormwood

my minotaur and sphinx

my chimera and hydra