Friday Night Funk – Top 10 Music (Mojo & Funk): (7) The Chemical Brothers (Funk) – The Test 2002 (The Golden Path 2003)





“Am I coming through?

Am I coming through?

Is it sweet and pure and true?”


And again we’re in the so-called big beat genre for this funk entry. Indeed, along with some notable fellow acts such as Fatboy Slim, they were pioneers in bringing the big beat genre to the forefront of popular culture.


“Devil came by this morning

Said he had

Something to show me

I was looking like I’ve never seen a face before

Here we go now, let’s slide into the open door”


The Chemical Brothers are electronic music duo Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, originating as DJ duo the Dust Brothers – hence the title of their debut album Exit Planet Dust with their name change to the Chemical Brothers. That album still features one of my favorite Chemical Brothers tracks, Alive Alone (featuring Beth Orton as vocalist)


“I’m seeing waves breaking forms on my horizons

Yeah I’m shining

I’m seeing waves breaking forms on my horizons

Lord, I’m shining”


It was with their second album, Dig Your Own Hole, that they rose to prominence – with tracks such as Setting Sun and Block Rocking Beats.


“You know I almost lost my mind

I can’t explain

Where I’ve been

You know I almost lost my mind

I couldn’t explain

The things I’ve seen

But now I think I see the light

Now I think I see the light”


However, my favorite Chemical Brothers song and the one with most resonance for me is a track from their fourth album Come With Us – The Test, with lyrics by Richard Ashcroft, better known as singer for the Verve (and the song Bittersweet Symphony), and its (literally) trippy video.



I also enjoy the videos for their singles. Interestingly, like Hitchcock, the duo have a signature cameo appearance in all their videos – although those appearances have become increasingly elusive or tricky to spot.


“You know I almost lost my mind

Now I’m home, and I’m free

Did I pass the acid test?

Did I pass the acid test?”




Close runner-up is The Golden Path, a new single for their 2003 singles collection. It’s a piece of neo-psychedelia featuring vocals by the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and lyrics suggestive of posthumous fantasy as well as a video that is my favorite Chemical Brothers video and a contender for my favorite music video of all time (now there’s an idea for a top ten list) – essentially a video for how I dream my days away at work. And yes – in our hearts, we all know the photocopier is a powerful demon force…



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