Monday Night Mojo: The Tea Party – Save Me (1993)




“She said save me

Save me”


It doesn’t get much more mojo than a band that evokes The Doors and Jim Morrison – as Canadian band The Tea Party and their lead singer Jeff Martin did in their 1993 Splendor Solis album – “the album draws heavily on the rock and blues of the 1970s, as well as displaying some psychedelic influences. As a result, The Tea Party was often compared to Led Zeppelin…Martin’s appearance, voice and singing style also drew comparisons to those of Jim Morrison, as did some of the album’s lyrics”. Not to mention Martin’s initials


Their standout single for me was “Save Me” – a song that also evoked their world music influences (dubbed “Moroccan roll” by the media). Jeff Martin has said it is an apology to women and to their treatment by men. Yeah, I can see that in the lyrics, which in my mind’s eye I always saw with their focus on the war widow – although she only speaks through the refrain “Save Me”…and perhaps the last verse.



The music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi. I had not seen the native American imagery in my mind’s eye but it perfectly evokes the song and its lyrics. I had imagined it with more modern war imagery. Indeed, I have a particular soft spot for this song as one of my ‘soundtrack’ songs – as a song to which I imagine scenes from my story ideas.

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