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This is Stark After Dark, my late night fantasy talk show blog.


This is where I dream of fantasy and SF in all their forms – literature, comics, film, television and beyond. This is where I write rants and raves about the meaning of life, the art of war and the days of future past – as well as brags, jokes, lists, quips and koans.





Get stark naked with my daily musings during the week from Monday through to Saturday.







Occasionally, I look into my heart of starkness, where I explore my personal playful pagan mythology and poetic musings, my eightfold path and apocrypha – because I live in a mythic world and life is the laughter of the gods!  Not so much a regular feature as a random act of poetry, when the moon-mad mood takes me.




Stark After Dark is the prodigal son of the Devil’s Dictionary and TV Tropes. Occasionally, I collect my favorite definitions or tropes from each in my Stark-Shaped World, as well as collating my own devil’s dictionary of quips. Again, not so much a regular feature as the occasional one night stand-up.





Primarily, my regular stark naked posts will be my rants and raves – this is where it all begins, from my pagan bible studies to my rampages against the Reich. Some of them will later take form as my stark ravings on the meaning of life, the art of war and the days of future past (or occasionally in my Top Tens of Everything). Others will be more random, where I maintain the rage (well, more so) in my (r)anthology of rants about my betes noire or pet peeves in life and popular culture.







Otherwise, my alternative stark naked posts will be my cult & pulp posts – for my raves, reviews and random thoughts on my favorite works of literary and popular culture. Some of them will later take form in my Top Tens of Everything.






I am the Law, as I blog my ongoing reviews of my favorite comic, Judge Dredd, from its very first issue through the collected editions of the Complete Case Files. A regular weekly feature (or special daily feature for epic reviews) within my cult & pulp posts.



Yeah, that's pretty much how my mind works. You should see my subconscious!

Yeah, that’s pretty much how my mind works. You should see my subconscious!




Enjoy my bare-assed and half-baked musings too random for the rest of the blog – sacred kings of celebrity, post-apocalyptic job criteria, animal nightclubs and my dream to live in a house lit by lava lamps




And I see in the weekend with my regular Fantasy Girls feature on Friday – as I count down the top tens (including honorable or special mentions) for my favorite fictional fantasy girls from comics, fantasy or science fiction and more. (And after I finish counting them down or compiling them in my weekly Friday posts, they get their own pages).







Finally, I’ll wrap up my stark naked posts with my weekly top tens of everything on Saturday. These are my top ten lists for everything and anything (including honorable and special mentions) – ranging across media (books, comics, films, television and even music or the net) and genre or subject (fantasy and SF of course, but also mythology, history, poetry, literature and so on) to the more thematic or idiosyncratic. This is also where I canonize my apostles of the goddess and saints of pagan catholicism, which are typically drawn from my other top ten lists.


(And after I have finished counting down or compiling my top ten lists or my apostles and saints in my weekly Saturday posts, they get their own pages).







Behold my stark ravings about the meaning of life, art of war and days of future past – in my weekend feature articles and lists.




For the meaning of life, I rant and rave about random mythology, science and philosophy.


Roll up for my magical mystery tour of mythology, from my godless enjoyment of sex and violence in the Bible (because it’s the book that keeps giving, even when you stop believing) to my godful enjoyment of classical paganism (because I believe in all the gods, especially the goddesses), and from the zen applause of one hand clapping to playing poker with tarot cards. (“Last night, I stayed up late playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died” – Steven Wright):


Open wide the maw of science, as I look at our Darwinian life on earth as human animals and how nature is full of crap – nature is the predator picking out your brains and the parasite chewing out your guts. What are we but fish that couldn’t swim and had to crawl and apes that couldn’t climb and had to think? Sigh – I miss my tail. And why don’t we communicate through dance?


Gaze into the navel of philosophy, as I live in a Nietzschean world with a Freudian mind and how philosophy is full of crap – as I look at Plato’s mystical fascism or how we are still fighting the Peloponnesian War, how someone should have smacked Descartes in the head and how Wile E Coyote is the modern existential hero.




For the art of war, I continue to recline in my comfortable armchair of hindsight and ruminate about how all history is the art of war or the decline and fall of the Roman Empire:




For the days of future past, I dream of fantasy and science fiction in all its forms – from Lord of the Rings to Dungeons and Dragons, and from H. G. Wells to Star Wars (as well as how fictional characters dropped the ball and how I take fictional events way too seriously).







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